Is this the one?

Last weekend we went to Denmark to look at a boat that seems interesting to us. It is a Hallberg Rassy 43 from 2005. We got the impression it had been sparsely used and is in good condition.


We had an 8 hour drive from our home through Germany and up to Denmark via the Puttgarden-Rødby ferry. We went straight to the boat, that was inside a hall well kept from nasty winter weather. We went aboard and went through every little detail of the boat. As it was on land there were a lot of things we could not check. We got a good impression and after a couple of hours there we went to our Airbnb to have a nice home cooked dinner and to talk about what we had seen.

My dad in front of the door outside our cute home for a night

My dad went with us, and he helped us evaluating all the pros and cons on the boat.

It is in very good condition and looks very nice. It has been sailing in northern Europe in the summers. It is not very well equipped though, which is a pity, but it means we can also choose what we want and need for it to be as we like.


The salon looking forward


The galley


The nav station and the companionway


And the cockpit

So the next morning we went back there, this time with a surveyer that we had contacted earlier. He went through the boat in his way checking for any faults or issues we had not seen the day before. He did not find any severe things that needed immediate attention. We have a long list of things we need to buy and add for it to be up to our standards, but even so we could come to an agreement on the price, sort of…

We are currently emailing back and forth about the agreement in detail, and hope we can settle this very soon. We are so excited and really hope this can be our boat.


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