Today I started go through our tools. As we have already owned 2 boats, we have gathed some of the tools we need to have on our boat.

Some are rusty and we need to see if we can get that off, so I googled some and found that vinegar might do the trick.

Let’s see how that goes. To be continued…


Sailing to Texel

We went to Texel for a weekend with our friends on their Grand Soleil in October. It was the blues festival weekend where this whole tiny town on the island has different blues bands in every cafe and bar. Super cool.

We were so lucky to have the best weather and enjoyed the sun, although you cannot really see that in the video. But being on the water and in the wind is always a bit chilly.

I did some filming, hope you enjoy!


We have signed the contract and we will be boat owners again! We are super excited we found this boat as it was only advertised locally, and it had been to sale for a year before we found it. We have (we thought) searched everywhere for the perfect boat, but had not even seen this! Well, everything happens for a reason and the time was right. We cannot wait to get our hands on it and make it our own.

It is now laying in a warm hall in Denmark, where we bought it, and we will not be able to launch it in the water and sail her until spring.

Now we are making all the plans to how we want to equip it, insurance and a harbour for it here in the Netherlands, where we live.

More details on the boat you can find on the page “Our boat”, and more info on us is on the “About us” page.

Hoping you will follow our journey!