Medical kit

first aid

I am putting together a medical kit for coastal cruising at the moment. A lot of things can happen on the boat and although we will be close to shore, we might not always have access to a doctor. We will have to take care of minor issues, just like we do at home.

We will of course take a medical course and learn more about off shore medical issues. But for now, when we still will be sailing and learning about our boat locally a medical kit is necessary. After searching on the internet on what others carry in their medical kit I realise it is somewhat personal what you choose in your kit. Since most medication has different names depending on where you are located, and me being from Sweden living in the Netherlands, I use a mix of 3 languages in my list. So therefor it is not something I can share at the moment.

I am also considering how to store the medication. A plastic box could be one option, but I also saw someone who had made like a smaller duffel bag out of Sunbrella scrap fabric with looked really smart.

Although I understand the importance of using medication at times, I strive to use natural remedies as much as possible, just like I make my own skin care, so I know what the ingredients are, and therefor only what the skin needs.

Something I always have handy whether at home or during travels is 3% hydrogen peroxide (without the fenacetin) that can be sprayed on wounds, cuts, on food, in the throat if you start having a cold. It protects your body from nasty bacterias. I also have colloidal silver. We have stopped many colds at early stage, avoided getting stomach issues while traveling, since it eliminates both bacteria and virus. I now the debates go crazy wheter it is good or not, but I feel secure using it. Aloe vera is something I have with me. Excellent on sunburn (never ever use any oil or creams on burned skin), or other burns while working in the kitchen. I will also stock up on essential oils as it is a natural way to stay healthy and well.