Spring cleaning started

We have spent the whole Easter weekend on our boat. We had a looooong list of things that needed to be done.

We started by scraping off the antifouling.

We washed the deck thoroughly by hand, and the hull with a long brush.

We were so lucky to be able to use a fork lift so we could easily clean without having to use a instable ladder. When this had dried completely we polished the deck and hull, including the stainless steel, the mast and boom.

Then we painted the bottom with antifouling.

We checked the bilge plug. Looked ok, so we screw it back again.

We cleaned the inside everywhere. Vacuum cleaning and wiping off all the surfaces with a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water. I went through the galley completely. What is there and what we need to buy or bring. Cleaning the galley took so long. I still have not been able to get the oven clean, so it is very dirty still. The super duper oven cleaning product I bought did not do anything. I have now been recommended using bicarbonate soda and vinegar, so will try that when we come back to the boat in May. We will also unscrew all the floor boards and clean there, as we did not have time for that now.

We attached a life sling to the pushpit. we checked all the light bulbs, as we want to change them to LED.

We tested the emergency tiller, so now we know how that works.

We painted the chain every 5 meters, as that is what had been done before.

We cleaned the anchor chain locker. Not the easiest thing, as it is very deep.

We removed the current name and home port from the hull, and we will order letters for our new name.

We measured the deck for attaching jacklines.

We went through all manuals, checked what had been done for winter service earlier.

The seller was there visiting every day. He has been so helpful answering all our questions, and showing us tips and tricks.

We are so happy with our boat. We cannot wait to get her in the water and sail her to her new home port.

We are also very excited that he could sell us some things we will need onboard. We now have 2 foldable bikes, a Magma gas BBQ, an emergency VHF antenna, and 2 extra water pumps.


Doing all of this inside this hall was so nice. We drove there in full snow blizzard, and it was a very cold Easter weekend.

Now we still have a long list of things that we need to do before we head up there in May.



Today I started go through our tools. As we have already owned 2 boats, we have gathed some of the tools we need to have on our boat.

Some are rusty and we need to see if we can get that off, so I googled some and found that vinegar might do the trick.

Let’s see how that goes. To be continued…