Hiswa Boat Show

This weekend is Hiswa Boat Show at Rai in Amsterdam. We are really looking forward to going there and get inspired. It feels like the season is starting with this show. We have a long list of things we need to get for our boat, and will see if the prices are competetive to what we pay for in stores or online. Some of the things we need are:

  • A rescue throwing line
  • A flare pack
  • ICOM M93 D VHF
  • McMurdo EPIRB G8
  • Steiner binocular
  • Foul weather gear

From past experience, we tend to buy more than intended. But the prices are usually better at the shows, and it is quite convenient to see the things and browse for things at this giant boat shopping mall. It is also fun to see new gadgets – things you didn’t know you needed.

To be continued…


Medical kit

first aid

I am putting together a medical kit for coastal cruising at the moment. A lot of things can happen on the boat and although we will be close to shore, we might not always have access to a doctor. We will have to take care of minor issues, just like we do at home.

We will of course take a medical course and learn more about off shore medical issues. But for now, when we still will be sailing and learning about our boat locally a medical kit is necessary. After searching on the internet on what others carry in their medical kit I realise it is somewhat personal what you choose in your kit. Since most medication has different names depending on where you are located, and me being from Sweden living in the Netherlands, I use a mix of 3 languages in my list. So therefor it is not something I can share at the moment.

I am also considering how to store the medication. A plastic box could be one option, but I also saw someone who had made like a smaller duffel bag out of Sunbrella scrap fabric with looked really smart.

Although I understand the importance of using medication at times, I strive to use natural remedies as much as possible, just like I make my own skin care, so I know what the ingredients are, and therefor only what the skin needs.

Something I always have handy whether at home or during travels is 3% hydrogen peroxide (without the fenacetin) that can be sprayed on wounds, cuts, on food, in the throat if you start having a cold. It protects your body from nasty bacterias. I also have colloidal silver. We have stopped many colds at early stage, avoided getting stomach issues while traveling, since it eliminates both bacteria and virus. I now the debates go crazy wheter it is good or not, but I feel secure using it. Aloe vera is something I have with me. Excellent on sunburn (never ever use any oil or creams on burned skin), or other burns while working in the kitchen. I will also stock up on essential oils as it is a natural way to stay healthy and well.



Today I started go through our tools. As we have already owned 2 boats, we have gathed some of the tools we need to have on our boat.

Some are rusty and we need to see if we can get that off, so I googled some and found that vinegar might do the trick.

Let’s see how that goes. To be continued…

Sailing to Texel

We went to Texel for a weekend with our friends on their Grand Soleil in October. It was the blues festival weekend where this whole tiny town on the island has different blues bands in every cafe and bar. Super cool.

We were so lucky to have the best weather and enjoyed the sun, although you cannot really see that in the video. But being on the water and in the wind is always a bit chilly.

I did some filming, hope you enjoy!


We have signed the contract and we will be boat owners again! We are super excited we found this boat as it was only advertised locally, and it had been to sale for a year before we found it. We have (we thought) searched everywhere for the perfect boat, but had not even seen this! Well, everything happens for a reason and the time was right. We cannot wait to get our hands on it and make it our own.

It is now laying in a warm hall in Denmark, where we bought it, and we will not be able to launch it in the water and sail her until spring.

Now we are making all the plans to how we want to equip it, insurance and a harbour for it here in the Netherlands, where we live.

More details on the boat you can find on the page “Our boat”, and more info on us is on the “About us” page.

Hoping you will follow our journey!

Is this the one?

Last weekend we went to Denmark to look at a boat that seems interesting to us. It is a Hallberg Rassy 43 from 2005. We got the impression it had been sparsely used and is in good condition.


We had an 8 hour drive from our home through Germany and up to Denmark via the Puttgarden-Rødby ferry. We went straight to the boat, that was inside a hall well kept from nasty winter weather. We went aboard and went through every little detail of the boat. As it was on land there were a lot of things we could not check. We got a good impression and after a couple of hours there we went to our Airbnb to have a nice home cooked dinner and to talk about what we had seen.

My dad in front of the door outside our cute home for a night

My dad went with us, and he helped us evaluating all the pros and cons on the boat.

It is in very good condition and looks very nice. It has been sailing in northern Europe in the summers. It is not very well equipped though, which is a pity, but it means we can also choose what we want and need for it to be as we like.


The salon looking forward


The galley


The nav station and the companionway


And the cockpit

So the next morning we went back there, this time with a surveyer that we had contacted earlier. He went through the boat in his way checking for any faults or issues we had not seen the day before. He did not find any severe things that needed immediate attention. We have a long list of things we need to buy and add for it to be up to our standards, but even so we could come to an agreement on the price, sort of…

We are currently emailing back and forth about the agreement in detail, and hope we can settle this very soon. We are so excited and really hope this can be our boat.