About us

We are a Swedish couple who have been sailing on and off our whole lives. We were both brought up by the sea. We have previously owned a Långedrag 40, a steel boat designed by Rolf Modigh. We sailed it from Gothenburg all around the Swedish coast to Västervik for a summer.

Then we owned a Hallberg Rassy Rasmus 35, a boat we really enjoyed sailing with. We had it when the children were small, and it was a perfect boat for a small family. We sailed that boat around the High Coast, and from Sundsvall along the Swedish east coast to Kalmar. We sold it to a Danish couple.

We were lucky that Eva’s dad owned a Havsfidra, a 20 footer that was equipped with everything you can imagine for that small size of boat. Now that is also sold and we have now bought a new to us Hallberg Rassy 43 from 2005. We hope you will follow us as we outfit and sail on our wonderful boat!


photo credit: Debbie Wirtjes

Captain Staffan


Staffan grew up in Västervik, on the South East coast of Sweden, where he was sailing with his dad and brother on their Albin Vega for many years. He went as crew on a sailboat delivery from France to St Lucia in his 20’s. There his decision was made to become a Captain at sea. He went to university in Sweden and got his degree as Merchant Marine Captain. He worked on cruise ships, as a sea pilot, and now he is a director of training at the world’s most advanced simulator and training center for deck and engine officers on cruise ships in the Netherlands. When he is not on the water, you will find him skiing preferably off the pists.

Mate Eva


Eva grew up in Härnösand, on the North East coast of Sweden. With the vacation home by the sea, the boats were the main transportation. In this picture though, her family rented a Maxi 77 and sailed in the Stockholm archipelago. She went to school to get a degree in design and sewing and worked in the fashion industry. Then, Staffan and Eva had their two children. She went back to school to do a course in natural cosmetics and started her company making natural soap and skincare products. Now you will find her in the basement making soap or behind the sewing machine, if not outfitting the HR43 Varuna.